Help Your Cat to Drop That Unwanted Weight

Your gray tabby Slate has developed a close relationship with your couch, and it’s now your alpha cat’s prime sleeping spot. However, since your feline housemate has gained some weight over the past few months, he finds it increasingly difficult to reach his favorite perch. You’re also worried that the extra pounds will increase his risk for weight-related medical conditions. Tomorrow, your Jensen Beach veterinarian will analyze Slate’s current diet and exercise habits (or lack thereof), and give your big guy some nutritional counseling.

Fat Cats Everywhere

You frequently meet pet cats with a few too many pounds. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of spoiled-rotten felines nationwide are above normal weights; and some cats are downright obese. After gobbling down their meals and treats, these sluggish couch potatoes snooze for hours. These unfortunate cats (including Slate) are at increased risk for osteoarthritis and soft-tissue injuries. They can also encounter overstressed muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Feline Carnivore Quandary

If Slate had his choice, his diet would consist solely of mice and birds he “obtained” around the neighborhood. Since you won’t allow that, you’d think a commercial blend would provide good nutrition. Unfortunately, most mass-produced mixtures don’t have the top-notch protein your cat needs. Instead, the blends incorporate plant protein, which he can’t metabolize as efficiently as animal-sourced protein.

Adding insult to injury, he doesn’t make the enzymes that would enable him to process extra carbohydrates. Since those carbs have nowhere to go, Slate’s body stores them as unhelpful fat. His cat treats add more carbs, along with empty calories and useless flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Exam

Before your vet unveils your cat’s weight management plan, he’ll give your pudgy playmate a complete medical exam, including blood work and a urinalysis. He’d like to rule out medical and/or metabolic problems that might keep Slate from safely banishing those extra pounds.

Weight Management Plan

Since your cat couldn’t stand the suspense, your Jensen Beach veterinarian finally introduced your portly feline’s weight management program. The plan will probably feature a food formulated for safe weight loss; and the vet might also revise your cat’s daily feeding schedule.

Regular exercise will also make it easier for Slate to trim down. Increase his daily playtime sessions, and introduce challenging new cat toys. If your cat needs help dropping excess weight, call us for expert assistance.

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