Boost Your Health with Pet Ownership

Your border collie Lulu certainly has certainly saved you some gym membership fees. This energetic black-and-white workout buddy insists on daily brisk jogs, and she can outrun all her buddies at the dog park. This super-charged pooch’s demanding exercise routine keeps her in enviable shape. In fact, your Hutchinson Island vet thinks Lulu would be a terrific model for a canine fitness campaign. You’ve also learned that your furry companion can help improve your physical and emotional fitness.

Physical and Mental Pick-Me-Up

Your carefully choreographed workday was woefully derailed from the beginning. Your car battery died on your morning commute, and you spent two hours chatting with your auto club’s dispatcher while you waited for a tow. Finally, you got to work, only to learn that you had missed two important department meetings. After trying to knock down your work backlog all day, you finally set out for home, only to be caught in an epic traffic jam.

Finally arriving at your front door, you just wanted to relax for the evening. However, Lulu had planned a brisk trot around the block. Looking at her excited face and bouncy enthusiasm, your stress and annoyance were replaced with a happy smile. After you finished your energetic jog through the neighborhood, you felt physically refreshed and considerably calmer.

Charming Canine Social Secretary

Lulu never met a person – or dog – she didn’t like. In fact, your super-friendly canine goodwill ambassador naturally attracts other joggers and dog walkers during every community jaunt. Your highly social pooch also rules the Farmer’s Market and dog park, always creating a crowd of human and canine admirers.

Pain-Related Anxiety Reducer

If you’re frequently bothered by pain, especially from chronic medical problems, your quality of life has likely suffered. Your increased discomfort has probably made you more anxious. Fortunately, Lulu has received her certification in relaxation techniques therapy.

While your canine therapist sprawls on the couch, you stroke her coat and focus on the pleasurable experience. Surprisingly, your anxiety level goes down, and your pain also lessens somewhat. Maybe Lulu, along with your cat Luna, should join your treatment team.

When you next visit your Hutchinson Island vet, you’ll relate how your dog’s generous, affectionate nature has positively impacted your health. If you’d like suggestions on how pets can enrich your life, schedule a vet consultation today.

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