How Regular Walks Can Improve Your Dog’s Life

Your retriever mix Harley really thinks he rules the world. Every day, your athletic dog lives for his three energetic neighborhood walks, which enable him to monitor his empire and check on his canine buddies. To keep his subjects in line, Harley leaves his calling cards on as many surfaces as possible. You’re happy that he loves his walks, as they regularly work his muscles and maintain his body’s flexibility. Your veterinarian Hutchinson Island knows that walks provide your canine companion with additional benefits. Learn more about how regular walks can improve your dog’s quality of life.

Improved Digestion and Weight Management

Harley’s digestive system occasionally goes on the fritz; and he has suffered the embarrassment of constipation. Although your vet treats these troublesome conditions, regular walks also help to regulate your dog’s system. Also, since Harley seems prone to weight gain, consistent brisk walks (or trots) burn calories and help to keep extra pounds at bay.

More Self-Confident Dog

When you adopted Harley two years ago, this shy, timid dog was sorely lacking in human and canine socialization skills. While he quickly warmed to your family, you also wanted to introduce this lovable pooch to the outside world.

After taking Harley on numerous neighborhood walks and dog park visits, he has grown into an outgoing dog who loves everyone he meets. His confidence has also soared, making him eager to approach new situations that would have previously sent him cowering under the table.

Decreased Destructive and Undisciplined Behavior

Along with Harley’s poor socialization history, he was quite deficient in the discipline department. In fact, if your restless dog became bored, he saw nothing wrong with digging and chewing your furniture and baseboards into shreds. Also, while Harley’s good-natured disposition made everyone love him, they weren’t so thrilled when he jumped on them. For awhile, your friends removed you from the dog park get-together list; and they also stopped coming to your house for social events.

Clearly, Harley desperately needed some discipline. Once he graduated from a basic obedience class, and consistently burned up his vast reservoir of energy, Harley became a model dog whose destructive urges completely evaporated.

During Harley’s recent visit to your veterinarian Hutchinson Island, the vet was pleased that your dog’s regular exercise has helped to turn his life around. If you’d like to create a good exercise program for your dog, call your vet today.

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