Pamper Your Senior Cat With Excellent Care

Your twelve-year-old cat Rocco has entered his second childhood. This striking gray tabby has always treated your house like his personal playground, racing down the halls and scaling your curtains for fun. Even though he has slowed down, Rocco clearly wants to continue his life of leisure. You want him to stay healthy, so you’ve asked your vet Jensen Beach to provide your cat with a special senior care program. Read more about senior cats’ lifestyle requirements.

Redesigned Nutritional Plan

Since Rocco has ramped down his exercise, he has gained some weight. However, your friend’s older cat has lost weight as his whiskers have gotten grayer. Good thing your vet can give Rocco some expert nutritional counseling. The vet will analyze your feline companion’s nutritional needs and revised activity level. Next, the vet will recommend a diet that provides necessary nutrients while keeping your cat at an optimum weight.

Keep daily tabs on Rocco’s weight, using a scale that shows even minute changes. If your cat suddenly loses weight, he might be developing a medical problem. Get Rocco to the vet without delay.

Essential Grooming Sessions

While Rocco has always maintained a busy workout calendar, he has always reserved time for regular brushing sessions. Each morning, you run a brush through your cat’s luxurious coat while he purrs with contentment. Brushing collects loose hair that would otherwise create hairballs. Also, regular brushing improves Rocco’s circulation and stimulates his skin; and both benefits help to make his coat healthier.

If Rocco has nixed his scratching post, clip his little claws consistently. While you give your cat this welcome attention, run your hands over his coat and skin, looking for anything unusual. If something feels different, ask your vet to investigate Rocco’s symptoms immediately.

Keep Your Cat Stress-Free

Rocco has no desire to be a stressed-out cat. If you’re remodeling your home, moving, or otherwise disrupting your cat’s routine, give him extra care so he remains calmer. If you have an upcoming vacation or business trip, ask a familiar neighbor, relative, or friend to care for Rocco in their home. Finally, listen to your senior cat’s wishes: don’t bring any more pets into the household while he’s the top cat.

While keeping Rocco healthy takes some work, you want your feline buddy to enjoy his golden years. To provide your cat with tailored senior cat care, call your vet Jensen Beach today.

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