Your Dog Deserves a Great Grooming Experience

Your newly adopted retriever mix Archie can’t wait for his first grooming appointment. You’ve told Archie about the nice warm bath, the nail trim, the after-bath brushout, and the colorful bandanna. Archie is beside himself with excitement, as he knows the grooming salon’s professional groomers will transform him into a handsome dog. Archie is especially pleased that he’ll look snazzy for his visit with his veterinarian from Hutchinson Island. Read more about what to expect from a dog grooming appointment.

Woof-Worthy Welcome

While Archie has a prescheduled grooming appointment, he won’t receive his grooming services immediately. Actually, Archie will probably spend several hours at the grooming salon. Drop off your excited pooch on schedule, and arrange to retrieve your better-looking dog later that day.

When Archie checks in, he’ll receive a warm greeting from the salon’s receptionist. She’ll also ask about grooming instructions. Perhaps your vet has prescribed a medicated or specialty shampoo; so bring it along. If you don’t want Archie to get water in his ears, or you have special coat trimming instructions, make those points clear. Next, Archie will be escorted to the work area, where his groomer might begin his bath prep work. If not, Archie can snooze in his kennel until his turn comes up.

Brushout and Bath Prep

After Archie’s groomer evaluates your dog’s coat, she’ll give him a vigorous brushout. Otherwise, Archie’s tangled coat will morph into a matted blob during his bath. If Archie’s coat is hopelessly matted, the groomer might give him a good shave-down rather than cause him discomfort by trying to brush out the mats. Archie’s pre-bath work will also include a good nail trim and a gentle ear cleaning.

Anal Gland Detour

You haven’t briefed Archie on the anal gland expression, as you don’t think he wants to hear the details. However, here’s what happens: Archie’s groomer will position your dog in the tub; or she might place sixty-pound Archie at a large-dog floor bathing station.

Next, Archie’s groomer will express (or empty) your dog’s anal glands; these are two small fluid-packed glands that frequently empty when Archie poops. While this task isn’t pleasant for Archie or the groomer, keeping his anal glands emptied minimizes the chances of future medical problems.

Full-Service Spa Treatment

Finally, Archie gets his bath, replete with a fragrant shampoo, a coat massage, and a thorough rinse. Archie’s groomer will dry him with a kennel dryer or hand-held dryer. Afterward, Archie will receive a vigorous brushout, a finish clip, and that nice-looking bandanna. Archie might even get a spritz of cologne.

When Archie visits his Hutchinson Island vet, he’ll be transformed into a handsome, confident dog who’s ready to take on the world.

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