Good Nutrition for Your Fluffy New Kitten

Your brand-new adopted kitten has just turned your household on its ear. Little Sadie is literally a ball of kinetic energy, running through the house at lightning-fast speed and chasing her tail with undisguised pleasure. Sadie needs lots of quality nutrients to fuel her explosive activity. Nutrients will also help Sadie’s body weight to double or triple during her first few weeks of life. When Sadie sees her veterinarian from Jensen Beach tomorrow, you’ll ask him to give your crazy kitten a complete new patient exam. You’ll also ask the vet to outline a kitten-focused nutritional program that keeps Sadie healthy and well nourished.

Feed Your Kitten Frequently

First, remember that feeding a kitten is vastly different than feeding an adult cat. For example, your four-year-old cat Moxie loves to play with her cat toys, and she occasionally chases your dog Jax down the hall. To support her adult cat activities, Moxie eats a couple of preplanned meals each day; and she seems well nourished and healthy.

However, Sadie plays for hours at supersonic speed; and she only slows down to eat, drink, pee and poop, and sleep. Since Sadie requires lots of energy to fuel her demanding activities, she can’t possibly get enough nutrition in one meal. That’s why Sadie prefers to snarf down three or four meals daily.

Power-Packed Nutritional Blend

Sadie’s and Moxie’s requirements for fats, some fatty acids, and most vitamins are about equal. However, Sadie needs extra protein, amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals. And speaking of protein, Sadie should ideally receive 30 percent of her energy from proteins.

To meet these higher nutritional requirements, your vet will choose a nutritious food formulated just for kittens. Sadie will chow down on her kitten kibbles until she becomes a mature cat with different needs. Finally, although you’d love to shower little Sadie with treats, these snacks should make up only about 5 percent of Sadie’s daily food intake.

Plenty of Fresh Water Daily

Just like her older sister Moxie, Sadie needs lots of fresh, clean water every day. Since crazy little Sadie can easily spill water from her bowl, make sure you replenish her water often. You certainly don’t want Sadie to lack fresh water while she exercises so hard.

Since Sadie’s so entertaining, you think your Jensen Beach vet will also be captivated by this little kitten’s charms. He’ll enjoy seeing Sadie regularly and helping her grow into a healthy adult cat who thrives on life with your family.

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