Top Cat Stories Of 2023

Happy New Year! And for our feline companions, Happy Mew Year! (Cats celebrated the new year on the 2nd.) As we leave  2023 behind and enter 2024, media outlets are looking back on the past year, presenting various best-of lists and discussions about the highs and lows. Of course, our feline friends might be more interested in taking a cozy nap on a magazine or in front of the TV rather than pondering these recaps. However, they definitely had some remarkable moments last year. A few of our favorites are recounted by a local Jensen Beach, FL vet in this article.


Adorable Kitty Chaos


Two Indianapolis shelter kittens captured the hearts of the internet. A video of the frisky felines, who are named Ruby and Opal, settling into their new cage showcased their pure excitement. The little furballs literally leaped for joy, running around in delight and spilling their food and water in the process. Their cute antics and zoomies are beyond adorable. Thankfully, someone at the shelter caught the kittens scampering around their new digs on camera and shared it on Tiktok, under the rescue’s username Pepperspalrescue. Hopefully, Ruby and Opal are now happily causing chaos in their forever homes.


Ruby and Opal weren’t the only kitties making a stir this year. Another cat, Booboo, also got his fifteen minutes of fame… for making a mess. Booboo’s owner couldn’t figure out why the kitty’s water dish was always empty, so she set up a camera. The footage proved that Booboo tipped his bowl over deliberately to spill water onto the rug. Cats will be cats!


Best News Ever 


A shelter in Pennsylvania was thrilled to announce that they had full vacancies for the first time in 47 years. The shelter called it a “Christmas Miracle” in their social media posts. We’re inclined to agree! We that the all of these newly-adopted pets are enjoying lots of love, cuddles, and treats in their new homes. 


A Purrfect Homage


Americans aren’t the only ones charmed by cats. In fact, our prime example of our obsession with these charismatic balls of fur can be found in an unlikely place – a rice paddy in Thailand. What makes this particular kitty unique is the fact that this is not an actual cat, but a cleverly designed pattern planted into the field by farmer Tanyapong Jaikham. Utilizing GPS technology, Jaikham strategically planted seeds to create his masterpiece. The result, a living drawing of an adorable kitty, was inspired by a traditional quote about abundance. His hope was for thousands of people to visit and admire the impressive display.


Universal Cat Distribution System: Myth Or Method?


Social media does get a bit toxic at times, but it occasionally reveals something important … such as the Cat Distribution System. You’re probably wondering what that is. Well, in a nutshell, it’s a theory about how the universe distributes kitties to the right people at the right time. For example, one user found a stray kitten in a bush at work, while another returned home to find a cute little cat waiting on their stairs. The concept has become quite popular! In fact, we suspect that quite a few of our feline patients found their furever homes via this mysterious system.


As word spread on social media, many users shared stories and videos of their surprise encounters with their newly designated feline companions. 


The takeaway here? If you find a stray cat at your job or come home to a cute kitty meowing on your doorstep, well, the universe may have just assigned you a new pet.


This may sound far-fetched, but cats have always had a rather curious relationship with the regular laws of physics.


Of course, we do have to make a more serious note. You’re not actually officially obligated to keep any cat you see. Adopting a cat is a big commitment. In some cases, you may simply be meant to help Fluffy find her forever home. If you find a hurt kitty, please contact your Jensen Beach, FL veterinarian immediately. 


Cutest Killers Ever


One of the most interesting things about cats is the fact that they are both adorable and deadly. Fluffy is actually a furry little serial killer! This was further confirmed in a recent study published in Nature Communications, which analyzed data from the past 100 years. The findings showed that cats have lcaimed the lives of more than 2,084 animals and insects. They also hunted and killed at least 347 endangered species, such as Newell’s shearwater, green sea turtles, the northern bobwhite quail, and the little brown bat. Sadly, their hunting habits have also caused over 60 species to go extinct. 


This seems like a good time to mention that we always, always recommend keeping cats inside. Not only will Fluffy be much safer and healthier as an indoor cat, this is also going to help protect fragile species. 


And Meow, A Word About Cat’s Playful Behaviors


In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers investigated one of Fluffy’s lesser-known traits: her affinity for playing Fetch. While Fetch is of course usually associated with dogs, it turns out that many kitties also enjoy it.  Certain breeds, such as the Siamese and Bengal, are more likely to play this pet sport, but any furball can take up the hobby … and apparently, at any time. The study collected information from more than 1000 cat owners. About 94 percent of those who responded said their pets apparently compulsively learned to fetch: the behavior appeared out of the blue. We’ll just add that one to the ever-growing pile of kitty mysteries. 


A Triumphant Return


Across the pond, Scottish kitties also made a notable impact in the news. In 2023, a program called Saving Wildcats saw victory with the reintroduction of 19 Scottish Wildcats. These cats are now being monitored via GPS collars after their release into the Cairngorms. Additionally, 13 kittens are being raised under simulated wild conditions to prepare for their eventual release. While not all of them are expected to survive, this marks an encouraging step towards re-establishing a species that was previously declared functionally extinct.


That Furry Face


Last year we also learned more about Fluffy’s emotions, and especially her attachment to her humans. A study published in Behavioural Processes turned out to be quite revealing. This study examined 53 adult kitties, all of whom lived at a Los Angeles cat café. The results? We learned that Fluffy has over 276 distinct facial expressions.


Of course, that’s not entirely a surprise. As anyone who has had a cat of their own knows, these little creatures can get very attached to their humans, and they can be quite emotional and opinionated. 


True Love WIns


Kitties are important parts of many families. That’s the thinking behind this ‘pawesome’ contest. A specific websites, was created by a cat insurance company for individuals to showcase how their furry companions played a role in their engagement. One fortunate recipient will receive a $4,750 prize for an engagement ring, along with an additional reward for their feline friend. The jury is currently in the process of selecting a winner.


Our team at Ocean Breeze Animal Hospital, your local Jensen Beach, FL animal hospital, wishes you a happy and healthy new year. Please contact us at any time.


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