Two Different Feeding Options for Your Cat

You’ve recently adopted Cleo, a beautiful tortoiseshell cat who belonged to a friend who had a change in circumstances. Since you want to give Cleo the best possible life, you’ve taken her to your Jensen Beach veterinarian, who gave your new cat a thorough physical exam and pronounced her healthy. Your vet also recommended a nutritious adult cat food that will give Cleo the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Now you need to choose the best way to feed Cleo those delicious kibbles.

On-Demand Feeding Frenzy

Hungry little Cleo would prefer an “on demand” feeding setup, as she’d be free to chow down on her food from morning until night. Since your work schedule changes often, providing Cleo with all-day food access means you don’t have to worry about getting home for Cleo’s scheduled meals. Also, your cat Marley has to eat, too; and all-day food access allows Marley to eat at her convenience. Fortunately, Marley’s not a feline bully who would scarf down her own food and tackle Cleo before she could eat, too.

Not surprisingly, cats seem to prefer the “on demand” method, as they like to maintain control over their feeding times. You’ll have better luck with dry kibbles, since they’re less likely to smell (and spoil) than wet food. However, remember that “on demand” feedings can cause weight gain if Cleo or Marley can’t stop stuffing themselves.

Preplanned Schedules Also Work

However, preplanned mealtimes also have their merits, as they’re actually healthier for Cleo’s digestive system. You can completely fill Cleo’s bowl and take away her uneaten food after 10 to 20 minutes; or place each meal’s food in her bowl and allow Cleo to chow down at her leisure. Of course, this will only work if your schedule loosens up.

Of course, if Cleo’s on a prescription or weight control diet, she’ll need to consume preset portions at each meal. Cleo will also need regular meals if you must mix some medications with her food. Also, if little Cleo has a medical condition that will be affected by her diet, feeding her preplanned meals means you can monitor what she eats. After all, you want to make sure Cleo gets enough food and nutrition every day.

Always consider Cleo’s long-term health when you make your feeding decisions. If you have trouble getting Cleo to accept your chosen method, ask your Jensen Beach vet to help you fine-tune your cat’s feeding program.

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