Can You Live with a Pet You’re Allergic To?

As a pet owner, you may be devastated when you learn you’re allergic to your furry companion. Don’t assume the worst just yet, though—there are ways to live comfortably with a pet that your allergies can’t stand! Learn more here from your Hutchinson Island vet.

Multiple Air Filters

Air filters can be a pet-allergy sufferer’s best friend. These devices—some of which are made exclusively to combat pet allergies—filter allergens like dander, hair, and dead skin cells out of the air, allowing you to live more comfortably. Try putting multiple filters around your home, especially in rooms where your pet spends time. Ask your vet to recommend a great filter brand and type.

Vacuum and Clean Regularly

It’s not fun, but it’s what may be necessary. Regular vacuuming of carpets, floors, rugs, furniture, and other surfaces can go a long way toward reducing allergens that cause your reactions. Try setting up a regular cleaning schedule so your home stays fresh and allergen-free at all times.

Make an Allergy-Free Zone

Many pet owners find success by creating an allergy-free zone in their homes. This involves setting aside one room, multiple rooms, or even a whole floor to stay completely free of allergens. This means tightly restricting your pet’s access to the area, setting up filters, using furniture throws to prevent allergens getting trapped there, cleaning regularly, etc. This way, you have a safe haven right in your own home that you know will be allergen-free.

Groom Your Pet

Don’t forget that regular pet grooming is essential for reducing allergy symptoms. Of course, it might be necessary to have someone else who isn’t allergic to your pet perform the grooming. Regular brushing removes dead skin and loose fur, keeping it from floating in the air and getting trapped in furniture and carpets. The occasional bath can also help—just make sure you’re using a dog- or cat-formulated shampoo.

Get Tested for Other Allergens

Has it been a while since you’ve been tested for allergens? It may be beneficial to set up another appointment to make sure your pet is the only thing you’re reacting to. It will be a big waste of effort, time, and money if you’re actually reacting to something else in your environment!

Consult your Hutchinson Island veterinarian for even more great pet-allergy prevention tips.

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