How to Make Your Home Kitten Proof

Bringing home a new kitten can be a very exciting and fun time for both you and your new furball. Your kitten’s first order of business is to utterly enchant you. This will likely happen very quickly, usually within moments of you bringing your new feline friend into your Jensen Beach home. Once that’s done, the next things on Kitty’s to-do list are to explore and get into mischief any way she can. Kittens are very fragile, and they have a lot of lessons to learn about the world. Your cute little friend will want to check out every bit of your home, and won’t yet know what to avoid. Here are a few tips on making your home safe for your new feline.

  • Make sure to secure all electrical wires. Curious kitties can sometimes chew or play with cords.
  • Remove all houseplants that are toxic to cats. The ASPCA maintains a full online list of plants which are toxic to pets. You may be surprised at how many different floras are dangerous for kitties. Some common plants which are toxic to are cats, ferns, azaleas, philodendron, lilies, and aloe.
  • Store cleaning supplies and medicines safely out of Kitty’s reach, and make sure they are securely capped.
  • Keep toilet lids closed. Little wanderers will likely spend a lot of time exploring every nook and cranny of your home, and a kitten could accidentally fall into an open toilet.
  • Always check your dryer, fridge, freezer, stove, and freezer before closing them. Tiny little felines can easily hop in unnoticed while exploring.
  • Make sure any drapery ties are knotted off so your little furball can’t accidentally get caught in them.
  • Windows, doors and screens should be kept closed and secured.
  • Sewing and craft supplies should be kept in a kitty-proof container or basket. Those little bits and pieces can be quite dangerous if swallowed.
  • Keep all breakables out of the reach of little paws. Cats like to knock things over, so make sure any delicate glass or china items are safely out of range.
  • Keep the door to the garage, studio, or workroom closed. Garages are particularly dangerous because there may be antifreeze on the ground. Cats like the taste of antifreeze, but it is highly toxic to them, so it should be off limits at all times.

Your furball will grow past some of the dangers listed above, but while your Jensen Beach cat is little, keep a very close eye on her. The curious kitten stage passes fairly quickly, so take time to enjoy this adorable phase of your furry companion’s life.

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