Behavioral Issues in Cats

Cats are wonderful pets. They are loyal and loving companions, and are fairly low maintenance. Just like people, all cats have their own personalities, and some can act out a bit. Cats with behavioral issues are typically not acting out of malice or revenge. Many times, unwanted behavior in kitties is an instinctive habit gone a bit askew. Here are a few common behavioral issues your Hutchinson Island cat may exhibit.


If Kitty isn’t using the litter box, something is definitely askew. Cats are normally very clean and fastidious when it comes to using the bathroom. Cats that have not been spayed or neutered are an exception to this rule, so if your feline has not yet been fixed, you’ll want to speak to your vet about getting this done as soon as possible. If your kitty is fixed, there are several reasons she could be avoiding the litter box. She could have a physical issue, so have your vet check her to be sure everything is ok. She could also have an aversion to something in or near the litter box, or possibly, she doesn’t like its location. Your furball also could have a preference for another material, such as a laundry pile.


Cats instinctively mimic hunting behaviors when playing. They may pounce on an object, and even bite and scratch. Felines are fully capable of learning what objects are appropriate to play with and what aren’t. Kittens that are attacking very likely haven’t figured this out yet, and may just need a bit of guidance. Adult cats that attack, however, may be frightened, sick, territorial, unhappy, jealous, bored, lonely, or territorial. If your cat is attacking, you’ll first want to rule out any physical issues which could be causing her pain. If Kitty checks out physically, the aggression is coming from her state of mind.


Scratching is one of the main complaints some cat owners have about their furry companions. Furniture, carpets, and even walls don’t bear up well under those sharp little claws. The first thing to understand about scratching is that it is an instinctive behavior. Our feline friends are very self-reliant, and so they naturally take care of their claws. You aren’t likely to stop your cat from wanting to scratch, and declawing is not recommended, as it is very painful procedure. What you can do, however, is teach your furry buddy to use a scratching post instead of your Hutchinson Island home and furnishings.

If your cat is displaying behavioral issues, check with your Hutchinson Island vet for professional advice on how to correct the issue.

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