Summertime Hazards for Your Dog

Your Labrador retriever Casey loves the summer sunshine, and would spend the whole day outside if she could. She’d happily jog through the neighborhood, and then bask in the sun for several hours. She’d sneak her way into a family picnic, and perhaps even take a dip in your pool. Casey’s got summer all figured out, except that her favorite activities can be potentially dangerous. While your Hutchinson Island veterinarian can handle Casey’s summer-related emergencies, you’d like Casey to remain healthy this summer.


Hot Summer Sun

Believe it not, Casey can get sunburned, especially in relatively hairless areas such as her nose and the backs of her ears. If Casey has pale skin, she’s really at risk. Ask your vet if special doggie sunscreen will help, although Casey might think the sunscreen’s a tasty treat and lick it off.


Blistering Heat

In extremely hot weather, you’ll switch your walks to the morning or evening hours; the air, asphalt, and concrete will be cooler. Even on a moderately warm day, Casey might be so focused on having fun that she doesn’t realize she’s overheating. Perhaps Casey suddenly refuses to walk another step, lies down in the shade, starts to vomit, or tries to find water. She’s probably suffering from heat stress. If she had a pushed-in face, like a pug or bulldog, heat would make her existing respiratory challenges worse. Wet Casey down with cool water, rather than cold water. If Casey begins to pant more than usual, or seems disoriented, she might have progressed to heat stroke, a life-threatening emergency. Get her to the vet immediately.


Tantalizing Food

Like any sensible dog, Casey loves cookouts and potlucks. Be careful what Casey scarfs up, though, as bones and corn cobs can cause intestinal obstructions. Fatty meat scraps can cause pancreatitis. Finally, don’t give Casey any alcohol, as she can get tipsy more easily than you can.


Dangerous Pools

Contrary to popular belief, some dogs don’t swim very well, and often become trapped in pools and die. Couch potato dogs, along with dogs who have pushed-in faces, are at higher peril. To minimize doggie drowning risks, install a dog-friendly pool ramp; or place a fence or wall around the pool so Casey can’t do a cannonball without your knowledge.


When Casey ignores your words of wisdom, your Hutchinson Island vet will help her recover from her summertime misadventures.

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