Outdoor Insects That Can Feast on Your Dog

Your terrier Jax absolutely loves running and rolling through the nearby fields. Unfortunately, when Jax sticks his nose into grass tufts and brush piles, he also increases his risk for insect bites. If Jax shows troubling symptoms from his rambunctious exploits, your Hutchinson Island veterinarian can diagnose your pooch’s problem and get him some relief.


Universal Symptoms

No matter what biting insect attacks Jax, your intrepid explorer will probably show some bite site swelling and redness. His face might look puffy, too. If Jax is allergic to biting insects’ venom or saliva, his skin will turn a bright red color. He may also vomit and develop breathing difficulties. These severe bite reactions occasionally prove fatal, so get Jax to your vet immediately.


Lurking Spiders

Jax likely shakes off most spider bites, as they usually just bring localized pain and swelling. After all, most North American spiders aren’t poisonous. However, the dreaded brown recluse spider’s bite can really cause problems. Brown recluses hang out in dark areas near sheds, dog houses, and wood piles. If this evil insect bites Jax, the spider’s venom takes time to spread, leaving a dark-colored ulcer after it devastates your dog’s tissue. These ulcers are very slow to heal, and can produce more serious complications.


Biting Flies

Jax isn’t happy about being the main course for the biting flies’ dinner. After the nasty little creatures feast on him, Jax will develop crust-like sores or bumps, most likely around his ears and face. Head off bite infections by getting Jax treated quickly.


Nasty Ticks

Ticks love brush and tall grass as much as Jax does. If the little blood suckers attach themselves to Jax’ head, neck, ears, and feet, his skin will become irritated and can become infected. Anemia might result as well. Ticks also transmit serious, and potentially fatal, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis.


Busy Bees

Jax generally coexists with bees pretty well, but all bets are off when he sticks his nose into places the bees have staked out. Jax might yelp in pain after he gets stung, and he may rub his swelling lips or muzzle on the nearest surface for relief.


If Jax gets bitten or stung, remove the stinger (if present), clean the bite site, and give Jax the medications your Hutchinson Island vet recommended. If Jax has a dangerous allergic reaction, take him to the vet immediately.

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