Treating Minor Cuts on Dogs

It’s not uncommon for a dog to suffer a minor skin laceration. Small, non-serious cuts can be addressed by you at home. Learn how from a Hutchinson Island veterinarian here.

What Can Cause Minor Cuts?

Minor cuts can be incurred from a variety of sources—your dog might scrape a limb against a rock or sharp outcropping, bump into an object, or get scratched by a thorn bush.

Watch for Signs of Cuts

Once your dog comes in from the outdoors, give him a good once-over check. If you find any minor cuts, look immediately for more serious wounds or signs of injury. If there are none, you can treat the small cut at home. If you should find signs of deeper injury, call your vet’s office right away.

What to Do

First things first—clean the wound. It will very likely be dirty, especially if your dog sustained the injury while outside. Use an antiseptic solution diluted with warm water. Put some on a clean cloth or towel and gently cleanse the area.

Next, apply a compress to the wound for a few minutes. A bag of frozen vegetables can serve as your cold compress. Don’t press hard, just hold the bag on the wound firmly for a few minutes to lessen any swelling.

Lastly, bandage the wound carefully. This will prevent your dog from licking it and slowing healing time. After the wound is bandaged, give your Hutchinson Island veterinarian a call to describe the situation and wound to him or her. If you know what caused the wound, further treatment may be required.

Remember—these guidelines are only for small, minor cuts. If the wound is more serious, or if you think another animal caused the lacerations, take your dog to the vet’s office immediately, as internal bleeding, infectious diseases, or a host of other issues could be present.


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