Keeping Your Dog Stimulated and Active

All dogs need regular activity and stimulation to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Dogs that aren’t stimulated will not only suffer in the health department, but may start to exhibit negative behaviors like problem barking or destructive chewing. Here, a Jensen Beach veterinarian offers advice on keeping your dog’s brain body in top shape.


Go for a walk, romp around the yard, play tug-of-war, or have a good old fashioned game of fetch. However you do it, keep your dog well-exercised so his body stays in peak shape. A dog that gets plenty of exercise will burn off excess energy and be more tired at the end of the day, sleeping through the night and helping to prevent behavior problems like nighttime scratching or whining.


Hide some food or treats around the house, behind furniture or in obscured areas. Lead your dog on a hide-and-seek adventure. This will not only be a lot of fun, but provide good mental stimulation.

Keep Dog Active When You’re Not Home

Far too many dogs lay around all day when their owners aren’t home. This leads to poor health, weight gain, and a lack of mental stimulation. What’s more, they might find their own activities like destructive chewing or getting into unsecured garbage. Provide your dog with activities when you’re gone during the day—toys, especially puzzle toys that have a hidden treat inside them, work best. Ask your Jensen Beach vet what kind of toys your dog might be most entertained by when you’re not home.

Bonding Time

When you do get home, be sure to spend some quality bonding time with your pet. Simply relax on the couch or spend a few minutes petting your dog. Your dog needs to always feel like he is a loved member of the family—a dog that spends too much time alone and doesn’t bond enough with his owners might become poorly socialized, fearful, or aggressive.


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